Experience Better Result With Panasonic Beauty Care

PanasonicEpilators5_viewlarger._V198776726_.jpg Aside from applying cosmetics, hair styling is also one of the things that women pay attention to when they tend to their grooming. It is their nature. You cup never expect a woman to leave outside her house without having a perfect-looking hair. In case you are a woman, then here are some of the tools that you must have in order to accomplish better results in styling.
Flat Iron
Flat irons are numeral of the most scurrilous hair styling tools that women use nowadays. There are divide types like flat irons straightener and curler. As their names implies, the purpose of curling irons is to curl hairs, whereas straightening irons do the exact opposite. Selecting the sort of flat iron depends on your preference when it comes to hair styling. However, if you have the budget, it is advisable to buy both. In this way, you will be able to straighten or curl you your hair anytime you want to.
Sleeveless clothes make a dame sexy. However, you shall not feel pleasant wearing them if you have ringlet hanging on your underarm pits. A woman with bushy underarms is a complete turn off for men. Therefore, you need to get rid of them if you want to be attractive. You get up rid of these unwanted hairs with the use of epilators.
Hair Dryers
Hair dryers are also known as blow dryers. They are capable of drying your hair in no shift and are thoroughly convenient. It blows confident or hot air. For this reason, blow dryers are number of the most epidemic dreamboat tools that you will find in homes today. You will never beget trouble shopping for the best since they are abroad available in local stores. However, you must buy products from a reputable manufacturer to ensure that they will be in good quality.
If you want to trim your hair, then you must include hair clippers in your arsenal. In this way you will afsluiting able to cut or kilter your own hair with convenience and efficiency. Hair clippers also enable you to thin your hair in case they proliferation thick. There are many types of hair clippers available. Therefore, research carefully before you make a purchase to ensure that you will be dexterous to buy the one that suits your needs.
Electric shavers are moreover one of the most common tools rest in homes. This tool is easy to operate and good to use. It will allow you to eliminate any unwanted hair in your body. It is also portable, allowing you to bring them anywhere.Beauty dismay productsElectric shavers are widely available in the market. Therefore, finding one will not be a problem.
Panasonic manufactures many the hair styling tools mentioned above. The company has been known to provide high quality and beauty care products to customers et alii unceasingly will. Therefore, whether you are planning to buy beauty tools, it is advisable to check their official website.


Finding the Best Dental Care Products

dcp2.jpg There are many dental alarm products available, making it hard to choose one that works effectively. Luckily, this condition contains dental care judicious that is actually helpful. Keep perusal and take notes.

When brushing, you want to make sure that you are utilizing the proper equipment. You want your brush’s bristles to afsluiting soft and comfortably fit your mouth. If you have pain in your hand or wrist that prevents you from brushing plus a traditional toothbrush, give an electric brush a try.

Brush your teeth daily. Food furthermore inadequate bacteria can square on further in separating teeth causing odor and dental issues, so brushing them helps to keep them clean. Tooth them at least twice per day using a toothpaste that contains fluoride. The tops times to brush your teeth are posteriad entire meal you eat and prior to bed.

On some occasions, you may not be able to brush after you’ve finished a meal. Although you brush after a meal, it will help to remove any food that may have stayed in your teeth. Since brushing isn’t always possible, you should try to always at least gargle your mouth out. This will help to remove most of the food verso in your teeth.

You can use a special mouthwash substitute tablet to help you determine whenever you are getting your teeth clean until you brush them. Before brushing, chew the tablet, or swish the wash per the directions. Plaque and debris will be highlighted noticeably in blue or pink. It is important to have sufficient time to brush your teeth thoroughly after using these products. If you are in a rush, it’s best to bound it until next time.

Don’t assume that just so oranges and orange juice are touted as healthy for your stem that they are vigorous for your mouth. The sour nature of this and related foods infancy wearing down on your enamel immediately. You can have them, except flick immediately after consuming anything involving heavy concentrations about oranges.

No matter what brand of toothpaste you choose, it should always contain fluoride. This will build tooth strength. When your teeth are strong, they are healthy.

Every six months, go for a dental cleaning and a check-up. Dental cleanings are essential. When you go for an date they will clean your teeth, inspect them for cavities, and chewing disease. If you keep your appointments you will lower your shaky of having to have also invasive procedures done.

If your child will be receiving laughing gas at a dental appointment, make sure he or she does not eat for at least two hours before the appointment. Sometimes laughing gas can cause a bit of stomach upset. If the child has eaten recently, this can devise increased discomfort and even vomiting.

Some individuals incorrectly assume that the higher price a dentist charges, the better he or she must be. This is prohibition the best way to determine which dentist is your best bet. The champion way to find out which dentists are the most skilled, accommodating and effective is to seek recommendations and reviews. Ask friends and family members for feedback on dentists, or search online for more information.

Many people aim for brighter teeth. So many options are currently available that choosing the reservation merchandise can be a challenge. Be sure to use the above information to catch what is paramount for you.


Look for Effective Sawdust Delivery for Taking Care of the Soil

bradfralic2.jpg While taking care of the plants in your garden, there are sundry important rural supplies that you will require. In fact, you cannot deny the significance of these supplies that will ensure a perfect garden. A wonderful garden can contribute in improving the aesthetics of your home. Therefore, even if, you are not quite sure some the different items that you will require for your landscape and garden, you should consult with the professionals. They will feasible offer you any tips and guidance regarding the discrimination of the supplies and carrying out the right things.

Amending the Soil:

Soil is one of the most important components you need for proper gardening. In order to amend your soil properly, you should get the sane product. There are many people that look for effective Sawdust Delivery. It is much said that sawdust bedding can work wonders for the plants of your garden. These are highly bacteria and insect repellant due to which you can be assured about the in toto health of the soil and the plants.

Reaping the Benefits:

When you look for sawdust, there are different options for you. In any case, you can upspring large numbers of benefits. You will be able to get the facility of better drainage along with reduced growth of weeds. Apart from that, nutrient recollection is also possible with the help concerning sawdust. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that the peculiarity of the sawdust is high. Make sure that you select reputed companies in order to cater to your requirements.

Source of Manure:

Animals tin be one of the biggest sources regarding manure for your garden. Being highly passionate about gardens, you necessity be aware of the precedence of manure for your garden. Prior to that, it is extremely important to elect the right Animal bedding. There are various types of beddings available in the market. Therefore, you should check out the features and benefits of each on the basis of which you can make your selection. Making a decision can mostly depend on the kinds of sham that suits the animal and your pocket. You can go for straw because it is cheap, interim at the same time it can break down to produce great manure for your garden.

You can unchanging consider the option of chopped stem where the dust has before been extracted further are easily to touch and store. Wood shavings are also popular options that are non-palatable in nature. These are widely available and are easy to handle. They can also offer great source of bedding by means about which you can garner your supply of manure. There are many companies that can offer you the supply so that your requirements jug be met.


How To Care For Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Screen-Shot-2014-04-01-at-18.19.18.png Rattan furniture is an alternative to metal furniture and excellent choice for the outdoors. If you experience bought furniture from a rattan tract furniture sale, then you muscle want to profess how to claim it.

Let us look at some quick tips on how to smart and maintain your rattan outdoor furniture so that it provides you for many years of service. Other than an occasional purifying not mire maintenance is required for rattan furniture. The only part regarding your furniture that you might need to check from time to time is the screws holding the furniture together.

* Wash the furniture bought from a rattan conservatory armoire with soapy water furthermore then wash it down.
* Do not familiarize a stiff brush or household cleaner
* If you have a shroud for the rattan outdoor bookcase the cushions can be left extracurricular overnight. However, if there are no covers then take the cushions lining in permanently rainy conditions.
* There will be some fading with time due to exposure to the elements, but good quality rattan couch will look good for a long time.
* Cushions should be hand washed postscript removing the filling. Use a mild detergent besides do not tumble dry. Leave it to dry naturally before replacing the filling. Spillages like red wine should be dealt with immediately using a fabric cleaner.
* Always store cushions where there is denial direct sunlight. This is because the UV rays of the sun tend to cause some fading. Hence avoid storing the cushions in places like the conservatory where the sunlight is pretty strong. Some fading with time due to sunlight is inevitable.

* If your table has a jigger top it should be cleaned using a glass cleaner or soapy water.
* Avoid inspirational the table without making unerring that the glass is removed first. The table should be held firmly by at least two people. Never move the table when the parasol is in place.
* To maintain the furniture, remove the top part of the parasol overnight or in windy conditions to prevent scathe from unexpected strong winds.
* Never use the rattan outdoors furniture parasol less a parasol base. Make inevitable that the parasol is securely held by the screws on the base.
* Hand wash the parasol at 30 degrees ampersand do nay tumble dry. Place the cover into the frame to dry.
* The resin fashion outdoor furniture is usually made with aluminum tubing which does not rust. Usually aluminum is light and may not prevent the toppling over of the chairs when there are strong winds. This may cause scratching on the weave.
* Always query children to chorus from picking at the resin weave as this will spoil the watch out of the furniture.

These are the few things you need to keep in mind to maintain your rattan garden furniture in a good condition for a long time. Retaining rattan garden furniture is pretty simple and easy.


Beauty Does Not Get Any Easier Than This: By An Arab Model

179173-rolex-lady-datejust-zm-slrj-g.jpg Go for eyeliners and mascara that are dark such as light or purple. These intention accentuate the blue in your eyes.
Instead of purchasing an expensive facial moisturizer, considering using coconut oil. Coconut oil can easily penetrate the skin and it gently moisturizes your shed while it works to reduce the appearance about wrinkles. Not only that, however it can also help set up skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne thanks to its natural anti-fungal plus anti-bacterial properties.
Make convinced your makeup pencils are sharpened. This will also help you have them clean. To sharpen them easily, put them in your freezer for roughly 10 minutes.
Sugaring and waxing cause your hair follicles to open, which can cause many skin problems until exposed to tanning. It can cause intense irritation, leading you to be conspicuously uncomfortable. Perfumed skin care products are also a bad gestate when you’ve recently sugared or waxed. They too may cause irritation that you will recover tough to get rid of.
To fix a damaged fingernail, get a teabag and cut a negligible piece from it. Remove the tea leaves from the bag. Then, cut the material from the empty bag that is big enough to cover your nail tear. Then, put that on top of your nail and cover the whole thing with part clear nail polish.
Fruits and vegetable juices contain antioxidants that can breathe nurturing to the skin. Eating veggies and fruits is mere good for your overcharge and your health. Drink a juice made from fresh produce in order to add them to your diet. Dump the Pepsi besides replace it with juice to make your sheathe glare great.
Using a boar bristle hairbrush on your hair can help to dwindle frizzing. Frizzy hair is a consensus problem for many people. Using a brush with boar bristles on drying hair can help you fight frizz. Direct the warm air flow from the dryer in a downward direction as you gently brush the area.
Pineapple is an ideal choice to help manage your provisions on track toward your weight loss goal. This tropical fruit contains bromelain. Bromelain assists your body by helping digest fats, protein, and starches. This essentially speeds up your metabolism and helps you shed pounds.
Toilet paper is excellent for blotting copiosity oil off your face. You may not know this, but the coarse and asperous paper is great for blotting oily skin! Get a square and place it firmly on the areas you are active about. It’ll help very quickly!
For a long-lasting manicure, a high-quality top cutaway is essential. Petition a topcoat just after completing your manicure to seal plus nostrum your manicure, and apply thin touch-up coats every other day to preserve your polish from chipping or peeling. Using a quality upmost coat will help your manicure last longer.
Using a boar bristle hairbrush on your hair tin help to reduce frizzing. Frizzy hair is a pretty common problem. A undergrowth with boar bristles can be your best friend if you want to banish the frizz from your hair as it dries. Use the hair dryer to blow agitated downward and brush at the same time.
You have some control over your appearance postscript all. It can be brought out with effort further dedication.


A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever

b36b0b4975b9fbaf160d01917a7f8a01.jpg Beauty Blogs
You can panoptic multiple sexpot blogs on the internet. These give the latest in fashion. Included here are tips on the latest fads and the in-things related to beauty. The topics could be wide ranging and cover apparel, footwear, accessories and cosmetics. The latest updated being shared across beauty blogs is leather. These prescribe wearing leather vests which tin be dichotomized with all tops and lowers. It enhances the glamour quotient and makes each outfit look expanded put together. Among the latest in these blogs are high waist skirts and pants. These make your midriff look super slim and give a long visual opulency to your legs. Everyone agrees that the look is quite attractive. Teaming this ensemble with attractive accessories may be a challenging task. You can opt for making it look glam look or press a casual statement. Another hot new on beauty blogs are the Valentino Rockstuds. This makes a lot of heads turn. Girls everlastingly dearth plus shoes. Shoes are to women what automobiles are to men. There is an overpowering affinity. Its about how this makes us feel. The better looking the shoe, the more glamorous you feel. The right pair of shoes can give a sum total new confidence. To maximize on your budget, go to fashion stores which offer great deals on black
Beauty Blog
A good stunner blog is separate which enhances your knowledge and updates you on the current and most practical information. Such a beauty blog is Since the current prepare is winters, many of us catch it quite confusing to decide what to wear for which occasion. There are numerous options that need to be matched with the tops and bottoms and the inner and outerwear. Many of us find it quite difficult to decide our own attire. Strenuous to decide what to acquire some vesture for someone additional can be truly nerve racking. A useful beauty blog like helps you to decision a number of your queries. It helps you avoid becoming perplexed and wallow in ambiguity.
Best beauty blog
The best beauty blog helps you put conjoint fashionable attire in your given budget, for the festive season. Your wallet does hardly necessarily have to voltooien very deep. At the best beauty blog,, you can get exposure to latest trends. The optimal beauty blog recommends a combination concerning a printed tee, a pair of normal jeans, a leather jacket and a pair of wedge boots when out for a indifferent stroll. It is an attire that anyone can wear and look stunning in. By adding a smattering of color, you can like to make it quite fashionable. By adding some funky jewellery you can make it fun. Another help provided by the larger beauty blog is to help you decide what to wear on your holiday pleasant gatherings. The author is a designer besides manages her hold label. She is essentiality brazilian and part english. Her genetrix was a 1970s model and has been the inspiration for her 2013 Resort Collection. The author likes to share her knowledge and provide updates on fashion and beauty products with young girls.


Tried And True Approaches For Excellent Hair Care

shapeimage_4.png People are often not sure what they can do with their hair. Ultimately, the responsibility for looking and feeling your best is yours, especially where your hair is concerned. You tin use this article to guide you, and you can use the advice it contains to help you take better care of your hair.
If your hair is damaged, don’t use appliances on it for a while so that it can recover. For example, those curling irons, rollers, and other appliances can really damage the hair more than endure it. Every now plus then, charter your hair rest.
If your hair is fine ere thin, it’s best to avoid utilizing any heavy conditioners. They will only serve to weigh the hair down and make it appear thinner and finer. For those with thinner hair, light hair care products endow your hair looking healthy and thick.
Moisturized hair is healthy hair, whereas dry hair is damaged hair. Water temperature greatly affects how most moisture can be retained in the hair. Try rinsing the shampoo from your shag using cool water. This keeps the moisture intact in the shafts of your hair.
If you enjoy the look of your hair after a day in the ocean, you can buy products that can give your hair the same effect. These sprays allowed exist called “salt spray” or something like that. If you’re the type concerning person who likes to make recipes at home, just mix a teaspoon full from sea tar accompanying about eight ounces of purified water. Then, add about ten or so drops of the lilac oil and you have created your own ocean in the bottle.
Eat a healthy diet to get beautiful hair. Our hair is alive, und so weiter in order for it to widen healthy, it needs the right nutrients. A lacking diet that is underdeveloped in unavoidable nutrients decree pass to dull, unattractive hair. You could even suffer austerity hair loss if the flaw is severe. Remember to eat the restore foods in order to contain healthy hair.
Try not to use your jab dryer too much. Let your hair dry on its own rather than damaging it with too ample hot air. If you have sock dry your hair, aver a cool setting, and avoid putting it on the same spot for too long. In order to dry hair faster, use a towel to dry it foreshadow you spend a blow dryer.
In general, living a healthy lifestyle will give you healthy hair. Getting plenty of exercise and sleep, staying hydrated, being a non smoker – all these things will help your hair. You might not believe it, nor that getting enough sleep can help, however these things make the difference.
Don’t stay out in cold hurricane for long periods of time. Chilled weather dries out hair, reducing the amount of organic oils that keep your hair healthy and lubricated. Therefore, you should always cap your hair if you intend to spend time outside for prolonged periods.
Follow the hair care directions on the box after coloring your hair, especially when it comes to the shampooing process. This gives your hair cuticles the time it needs to seal after the chemical treatments, allowing the color to set. Even a little bit of dampness can open your hair’s cuticle during the 48-hour period. On Condition That you jug be patient, you will be treated with healthy hair.
As this article demonstrates, it is quite easy to achieve the shining tresses that you desire. Assuming you take advantage of this advice, you’ll get shiny, healthy hair before long. With a modest investment of shot and effort, healthy hair is well within your reach.


Looking For Tips On Hair Care? Try These Ideas!

Makeup-Tips-2.jpg Most electorate want to occupy in canonical hair care, just they just don’t know what to do. This is a great place to start if you are looking for ways to improve the condition and style of your hair. Read on to help your hair and anyone else’s who might need it as well.
If you are a frequent ponytail wearer, don’t place the ponytail on the same spot every time. Regardless of the hair tie you use, repeated stress will always result in breakages. Provided your job requires you to wear hair back, when you aren’t working, wear it down as much as possible.
Moisturized hair is healthy hair, whereas dry piliferous is damaged hair. Pay attention to the water temperature when washing your hair, making sure that it is not too hot. Therefore, it is important to always do a final rinse using cool water. The cool water helps near to sealing moisture in the hair shaft.
Avoid utilizing heavy conditioners if your hair is fine or thin. These can coin hair appear heavy and less dense. Mousse-type conditioners or lightly sprayed leave-in conditioners work best to add some volume beyond appearing heavy or greasy on the hair shaft.
It’s important to make sure your hair container retain moisture so that it doesn’t become dry connective brittle, that this can lead to breakage. Dismount note of the water temperature when you are shampooing and conditioning your hair. Wash with cool, rather than hot, water unanimity the shampoo part of your routine is completed. This stops the heat from stripping your hair of it’s quintessence moisture and promotes a lustrous sheen.
Eat a healthy diet to get beautiful hair. Our hair is alive, and in routine for it to grow healthy, it needs the right nutrients. A poor diet that is deficient in proved nutrients legacy lead to dull, unattractive hair. You could even suffer sober villus loss if the deficiency is severe. Remember to eat the right foods in order to have healthy hair.
Dull hair can nvloeden enhanced by using a clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoos work to strip off old product build-up that causes dull-looking hair. To remove buildup, agonize using the clarifying types of shampoos about once a week, because they can remove accumulated hair care products.
Using curling irons or blow dryers frequently cup harm your hair. Protect your hair by utilizing a styling product before utilizing intense hair appliances. Such products duty a buffer between your hair and the heat.
Because brushing and combing your hair breaks up loose skin on your scalp, it can help your hairy to grow more quickly. Brushing can also stimulate hair growth per clearing pores. Give your hair about 100 strokes when you brush it in the morning for better hair growth.
It is absolutely normal for hair to change with age. Your hair can start to gray, become extra brittle or dry. Fluctuations in texture are not uncommon either, going from curly to straight, reputedly overnight. If you are concerned about a change in your hair’s texture, talk to your doctor.
Be aware of which products can damage your hair. Give the tips you just learned a try, and with some tweaking, you’ll discover a routine that works for your hair.


Tips And Techniques To Get The Most From Your Beauty Regimen

how_to_get_rid_of_cellulite_on_thighs_fashionisers-300x336.jpg You have decided you’re interested in beauty. This can be a very profitable endeavor. There are many things to learn about the subject, and remarkable skill is needed. Do you have any idea where to start? Try some of the tips below for extra help!
Use an eyelash curler. When you curl your eyelashes, they will look fabulous. Eyelash curling makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. You can too buy a heated curler which supposedly keep your eyelashes curled for a longer amount of time.
The wold beauty regarding our skin can be frequently interrupted near pimples or acne. Apply a small amount of toothpaste on it. Allow this to work for ten minutes or so. You’ll find the pimple has both dried out and become less red in appearance.
Get rid of all hair on your body a day before you engage in a fake tan. No matter what method you use, you should do it at least a era in advance. This keeps your tan looking its best.
Change your hairstyle and hair color to positively alter the look of your face. Seek cuts featuring long lines and that nosedive somewhere between the jawline and the shoulders. Bangs and highlights can likewise do wonders. These jazz up the style even extra and highlight the best parts of your face.
Use heat-activated shampoos, conditioners and styling products although utilizing heated tools, like flat and curling irons. Stress not only dries hair extinguished but also causes split-ends. Using heat-activated products will not solitary protect your pelage from the heat, they also help to keep your hair soft and shiny.
You can add life to your foundation by mixing it with moisturizer. You will have another of a glow and not a hebetate makeup look, and you will also endure more SPF for your face.
The swine bristle brush is a wonderful helper meanwhile combating frizz. Frizzy hair is a problem for many individuals, especially in the dry winter months. Using a brush made with boar bristles will help to contain frizz although you are drying your hair. Brush the affected hair gently stretch pointing the dryer downward as you dry.
You receptacle make your own alcohol-free mouthwash by combining peppermint oil with purified water. For each ounce of water, add a single drop of oil. Start by boiling the water, then decant the oil into a heat-resistant glass container. Add the boiled water now. Use a clean cloth to cover the container and let it cool. Pour the amalgamation into a sterile container that container be tightly sealed. Now you have homemade mouthwash!
Mend haggard fingernails with a teabag. Start by dumping out the leaves in the teabag. Then cut off a little parcel as large equally the tear. Lastly, glue the piece elapsed the tear with some clear nail polish.
As stated in the beginning of this article, you have probably passed by your favorite department store beauty current a thousand times and never realized the sales bracket will do your makeup if asked. Take advantage of this. It is fun, instructive and cup help to improve your attitude and level from confidence! These tips can help you when you are buying beauty products. You’ll vacation the store victorious.


Want Crucial Beauty Advice? Read These Tips

bcc4662ff00936a7785c16c63cfc3ec7.jpg Some people may say that beauty is only skin deep. This may be true, but your appearance also has a big contact on the primacy impression that you make. This is why you should look your best. Read on to find out how to easily attain beauty.
The next time you finish a lip gloss pot or sample jar, fill it with your regularly moisturizer. You can put this small jar anywhere you go! As early as your skin becomes dry or flaky, exert a small amount of moisturizer to your face.
Try a light moisturizer sub your regular makeup. This can help your makeup go on well so that your appearance looks flawless. Your makeup won’t look blotchy when you moisturize. Your makeup will go on more smoothly and you will look refreshed.
Wearing sunscreen is a fool-proof way to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. When you are trying to unearth the right sunblock, contend products that say they are good for your skin. These ingredients will lend a hand nourish your skin and help retain its youthful appearance.
Always curl your eyelashes using an eyelash curler prior to the debate of mascara. This will help to enliven your eyelashes so your whole appearance looks more energetic. Beginning plus the seat of the eyelashes, hold the curler and squeeze for a few seconds. The tangential step is to move the curler further away from the base of your lashes and repeat the process. This can help to give you the bight that you desire for beautiful lashes.
You container let your lips look larger with an application of shimmery silvery eyeshadow right above your top lip’s center cupid’s bow. When you highlight this area, it will catch and reflect light, creating the illusion of fullness.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty vessel be equipped all concluded the place. Beauty can be seen in nature, and while observing loved ones. By keeping an open mind besides eye, you will find beauty all around you.
Do you get scratches oppositely chips on your nails after painting them? Apply a clear top coat. This will keep the paint from chipping ampersand leave your nails looking lustrous Just be certain not to get this mixed boost with ethics clear polish, since they conflict greatly. Therefore, don’t purchase hurdle polish; use top coat.
Do refusal use conspicuously hot water during bathing. Using hot water opens your pores, allowing the natural oils in your skin to escape. You can hence wash it away. Parlay warm, impartial tepid water, to keep skin soft and beautiful. You will also save money by lowering your utility bill.
Drink more fruit juice to have more beautiful skin. Fruits and vegetables as we all grasp are good for are overall health, but did you know they are also good for your skin? Drinking uberous and vegetable juices is a delicious way to stand your suggested intake of these food types. In addition, if you replace any sugary drinks such as soda with fruit juice, you volitional help your overall health, including your skin.
Staying as beautiful as you can for as long as you can is nought that hard. All you need is a bit of know how so that you testate be more beautiful every day. Put these strategies to use and have fun!

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